2021.08.14 S – Water From Your Eyes, Somebody Else’s Song (October 2019)

I came across Water From Your Eyes when Pitchfork linked to their dazzling song ““Quotations””. The review describes the band as “puckish” which is spot on.

I checked out this album from 2019 and the 34 minutes fly by with big bright buildups wrapped up in glittering laidback phrasing. Super playful.

Other B words from the pitchfork review of the album worth noting:

  • Brooklyn
  • (never) bogged
  • bittersweet
  • barrage
  • barebones
  • blossoms
  • bliss
  • brief blip
  • bumpy
  • (heart)breaking
  • buried

And don’t miss out on these covers on Somebody Else’s Songs: