2022.05.11 M – Doing Good Better, William MacAskill
A framework that is actually an engine to make the world better! Not just a camera to understand it. Using evidence and careful reasoning to take actions that help others as much as possible. Can also use scale, neglectedness, solvability to think about other things as well.

2022.02.20 Su – The Anomaly, Herve Le Tellier
Trippy fun! Second chances as blessing and curse.
When asked if he has ever met a doppelgänger of his own, Le Tellier said that once, when he was crossing the Boulevard St. Germain, an older man stopped him. “We know each other,” the man said to Le Tellier. “I know you because I saw you in the mirror 20 years ago.”
Because part of love is possessiveness, and that is complicated when one becomes two.

2022.01.29 S – The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare
Read this because APT put on a virtual screening which I got a ticket too but got too busy and missed. There is probably other Shakespeare to read first. Watched a production with John Cleese. There are probably other productions to watch first.

2022.01.26 W – Dune by Frank Herbert
Strange good fun. Love the political economy world building and the galactic religious patois. I waited to see the Denis Villeneuve version of the movie until reading this but sort of wish I had seen the movie before all the exposition of the book to see how it would have hit.