Saturday Misc and Stuff

  1. Maintenance: Stewart Brand’s story on the maintenance habits of three participants in the world’s first round-the-world solo yacht race. Lessons include how sometimes maintenance involves shooting the shark; how preparation allows us to ‘make do and mend’; how to use a book to measure thousandths of an inch; Doing maintenance cures depression; the French Navy puts on ten coats of paint before any launch; Simplicity is a form of beauty.’ Conclusion?: The different maintenance styles of the three sailors led directly to their different outcomes. Knox-Johnston’s style was: “Whatever comes, deal with it.” And he did. Crowhurst’s was: “Hope for the best.” It killed him. Moitessier’s was: “Prepare for the worst.” It freed him. And separately via Chartbook, Pierre Bourdieu : “Nous naissons déterminés et nous avons une petite chance de devenir libres” – “we are born determined and we have a small chance of becoming free.” Via maintenance!
  2. More on color: Olive Ayhens, “Music color is my first language and i’ve always like been just enthralled with it i feel i can do whatever i want with color i can make it real joyful or i can make it really morbid or you know or i can make it really opposite there are no rules like that i think it’s kind of like poetry we did it in the caves we’ll do it in the space capsules.”
  3. and a weirdly interesting video.
  4. The Senegal Dream for a radio story version of The Pirogue
  5. Tall libraries with mural on them [twitter]
Olive Ayhens
Camelid in the City
Looks like a guanaco to me.

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