Won’t even pay a môrô

The following advertisement copy gave a non-native French speaker at my company some trouble when trying to translate the bolded word:

Actuellement si tu envoies jusqu’à 20.000F à quelqu’un, même môrô tu ne paies pas.

Moro is a nickname for the 5 CFA (“say-fa”) coin, the smallest value CFA coin. So the translation reads: “Now, if you send 20,000F to someone, you won’t pay even 5F.”

CFA (which stands for Communauté Financière Africaine (“African Financial Community”) is the currency of the West African Economic and Monetary Union. $1 USD is about 620 CFA so 5 CFA is about $0.008. So you won’t even pay a penny to send thirty bucks!

Moro or 5 CFA coin.

Here are some other nicknames I learned:

5F : Moro
25F: Gross
50F: Deux Gross
100F : Togo
500F: Gbesse
1000F: Crica or Bar
5000F: Gbon
10000F: Dieze
1000000F: Keuss or Baton

And some phrases:

“meme moro cassé, je n’ai pas” >>> “I don’t have even a broken coin of 5f”
“tu n’a pas des gbrin gbrin pour moi” >>> “do you have some coins”

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