Sunday Misc and Stuff

  1. “the cornerstone of internet success is not intelligence or novelty or outrageousness or even speed, but regularity.” — Max Read on the WashPo Yglesias [Max Read Substack]
  2. Pettis on Poznar: “The key to global currency “domination” is not how excited the political elite say they are about having their currency dominate. It is how willing they are to allow clear and transparent foreign ownership of domestic assets and, even more importantly, how willing and able they are to give up control of their capital and trade accounts. Beijing has made it clear it wants none of those things, and while I think they are right to reject these, it also means that the RMB cannot really act as a major international currency.” [@michaelxpettis thread]. And Pettis on Fighting Global Protection: Why the Economist is Mistaken

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