Saturday Misc and Stuff

  1. You can play “wisdom of crowds” in single-player mode. Say you want to know the weight of a cow. Then take a guess. Now throw your guess out of the window, and take another guess. Finally, compute the average of your two guesses. The claim is that this average is better than your individual guesses.” [ACX]
  2. “The key purpose of corporate finance is to provide methods to compute the value of projects.” Claim that required me to take a few steps back to consider… and in comments: “The idea that the cost of capital for a project should be related to the amount of risk involved in the project isn’t going to go away. There are various ways to measure risk, the CAPM beta being only one, but the basic risk-required return relationship is robust.” [Marginal Revolution]
  3. The relentless accumulation (and management) of snow. [brr]
  4. In Bamako: “I was also told that French flags have been unstitched and resewn as Russian ones, with the red, white and blue rearranged.” And “an urban statistics website, lists Bamako as Africa’s fastest-growing city and the sixth fastest-growing conurbation in the world. The population – more than three million – has tripled in the last two decades.” [LRB]
  5. The anxiety of Stanley Fisher’s economic influence [FTAlphaville]

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