Monday Misc and Stuff

  1. On the strength of the the Afghan afghan and the pre-2016 Yemeni rial [JP Koning, Moneyness]
  2. Love Lawrence Wright and love Austin and thought this was a great profile of Austin, Texas, and what happens to a place when it changes fast. But I still Richard Linklater’s Slacker [trailer] is the key to understanding what Keep Austin Weird means/meant (and not my year there is in 2018/19) [New Yorker]
  3. Weirdly interesting overview of Duolingo growth model [Substack]
  4. I dig Agnes Callard so will share this unusual profile for what it does and does not about aspiration [New Yorker]
  5. Exercise for the reader. Is $1T a lot or a little for a payments company [Bloomberg; ACX]

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